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DRIPA and White Devil bottle release St Patrick’s Day.

It has been a while since we have bottled our award winning DRIPA and White Devil.

We are bottling next week.

Bottles are priced as follows:

4 pack- $11.99    6 pack- $14.99 , Case of 24  $49.99   plus sales tax.  Deposit included

Just ask your server to add them to your tab.

We are bottling about 1500 bottles of each.  (about 62 cases)  31 cases for each beer, per location.

Here is Mitchell Prelableing at the Home Brew Shop!




2 thoughts on “DRIPA and White Devil bottle release St Patrick’s Day.

  1. Hi Brett, i live in Colorado and I was in town to visit my Mom last weekend. I’m a huge fan of Kuhnhenn’s and I bought two bottles of the Gin Barrel Aged Simcoe Sillier on St. Patrick’s Day. And packed them along with some DRIPA and an Eisbock. And both bottles of the Simcoe Sillier leaked out and when I checked the bottle caps they weren’t even attached. I’ve never seen this in all my years of shipping beer. All the other beers were fine. Did you get any other similar reports. Cuz it just seemed really weird.

    1. Max this is very odd , I am afraid that there may have been some confusion and they opened the beers for you to drink on st patricks day as this beer is only in a bottle. It would be weird not to throw away the cap. It is rare to not crimp the cap, but anything is possible. Four bottles are capped at once. The bottles are handled after filling and capping, they get wiped, put in a box, repacked in 4 or 6 packs, (handled 3 times) This would be possible to miss and of course you packing them. Next time you are back in town send me a message. I am out of stock at the warren location. So I will need to check with the Clinton Twp location. I want to make sure you get this wonderful rare beer. I am sorry about this happening to you. I lost some Westvletern 12 that were packed well in luggage before. And the clean up sucks but the beer was worth so much more to me.

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